2 years ago

Healthy Lifestyles

     How do young people respond to their health nowadays? Let's try to picture out the real scenario.

     Hamburgers and Spaggheti are best buy in the canteen during recess time. The most influential Jollibee, country's number one fast food chain which do people prefer to go. The cravings for the sidewalk "kwek-kwek", squid balls and fish balls satisfy the upbeat teenagers appetite. While munching the so called "chicharya n barkada" the chippy.

     Well, who could blame for that? It's the trend nowadays. You don't expect them to pack from home a "Guinataang Malunggay" for lunch or bananas for dessert. Parents do tend to forget the essence of a home-cooked food freashly from the background garden.

     Of course mass media, as one of the elements in technology contributes much in influency the minds of the teenagers to the healthy lifestyles development in one's country. Due to the lack of nutrition guidance and the wrong information given by media about good nutrition, which affect the health of the people especially teenagers who are considered to be the hope of the of the knowledge of the essentials of good nutritions.

     If then, though this, young people could reflect healthy habitd of thier daily routine in maintaining a good disposition in life where discipline is a must and care for one's health will give an ample time in serving the nation a promosing future is close at hand.


2 years ago

You as a technology learner

     Everyone who are learners should be digitally and technology equipped. It is really a must especially to me to adapt technology in our daily life. A necessary thing that the learners should do, because they will able to gain enough knowledge in some techniques towards in improving one self.

     As a technology learner, I should be fully equipped in terms in computer literacy and manipulated things correctly. I should achieved for the success in aiming the quality learning. Because it is essential to me to be informative in all things. It is a must to learn more. Because in a near future, to become an educator is not an easy task. We cannot give what we donot have.

     In conclusion, I should be very accesible to learn the technology very well because this is the only weapon that I can use to target the needs and meets the expectations to my soon students. Im hoping so.

2 years ago

Reaction to Future Shock by Alvin Toffler

Reaction to Future Shock by Alvin Toffler

     We are now in the 20th millenium year, the arrival of gadgets and technologies. In which this generation awaits lots of expectations to the learners as well to the educator.

     In fact in my side, based to the book entitled the "Future Shock" by Alvin Toffler a futurist stated there that we must able to adapt and cope up to the changes that might really come on the field of technology. Even though that it greatly affect certain culture and principles in our living but still we should take and meet all this challenges for the sake of our improvements. In fact Future Shock include things that beyond of our imagination and expectations. Work, residence, culture, socialization as well as the traits and behavior of a certain people greatly manipulated by this sudden change. We seems to be hurried in everything that we do. All things already seems to be instant even in a basic way of doing a task. Meaning less preparation can lead to a poor quality foundation in improving and making a succesful outcomes and projects.

     One thing that this Future Shock reflect to me is, it keeps on reminding in myself that we should always be ready in any circumstances that we don't expect to come. We should be alert and flexible in any situation that we might involve and most especially be responsive in every results of what we did. Because we are only temporarily living in this world. In fact in this imperfect world the only constant is CHANGE.